Cancun Timeshares

Staying in Cancun

Cancun is one of the most popular vacation destinations on the planet. With four million visitors yearly and a commercial flight landing here about every 7½ minutes, Cancun is a refined location that specializes in catering to visitors.

The city was founded in 1970 and began developing rapidly thereafter. In the early 1980s investors and real estate developers began to see its potential as a resort destination. With all the natural attributes of a tropical paradise, it seemed only a matter of time until travelers from all over the world started to take advantage of the beautiful vistas, wonderful weather and friendly atmosphere.

Today, Cancun is home to over 140 luxurious resorts that provide well-appointed accommodations. One of the best ways to experience Cancun is with a Cancun timeshare. Timeshare resorts line some of the city's most pristine beaches and put you right among all the excitement of staying in Mexico's best vacation area. You will be near fine dining establishments, unique shops and plenty of water-based activities.

Cancun Timeshares
With timeshare resales you can have all that Cancun timeshares have to offer, but for a great deal less money. This is because resales are the very same properties, except they are for sale by the current owner. When existing owners sell timeshares, the buyers benefit from a hassle-free and cost-efficient process. Plus, owners do not have to mark up their properties to cover high marketing costs like resorts do. Timeshares in Cancun that are sold on the secondary market are often priced much more closely to the actual fair market value.

Websites, such as, which specialize in the secondary timeshare market offer units within brands like the Westin Ocean Resort, the Sunset Royal, and plenty more. This particular site has been known to offer timeshares in Cancun at 70% off resort pricing. It’s always a good idea to look online first, before purchasing a timeshare directly from the resort.

Timeshare Rentals in Cancun
Another option for vacationing in Cancun is timeshare rentals. This is a great way to experience the timeshare lifestyle without being contractually obligated for continuing usage. If you are skeptical about jumping into ownership, but you still want to see what its about, many timeshare resale websites also have rental listings in Cancun.

Cancun is a wonderful place for you, your family, partner or friends. With the help of a timeshare, traveling to Cancun has never been easier.


Cancun Airport Private Transportation for up to 9 people


This service is provided for up to 9 passengers (kids/infants are considered as passengers).


Cancun Airport Luxury Transportation with vip vehicules


This service is provided for up to 6 passengers (kids/infants are considered as passengers).


Cancun Airport Handicap Transportation for up to 6 people


This service the Vehicles are well taken care of and can take 1 person in wheelchair plus 5 companions or 2 wheelchairs plus 3 companions.


Cancun Airport Group Transportation with Mercedes Sprinter


This service is provided for up to 16 passengers (kids/infants are considered as passengers).


Cancun Airport Transportation with Limos


This service is provided for up to 14 passengers (kids/infants are considered as passengers).