Cancun PADI Scuba Dive Course

Learn to Dive in Cancun. Only 2 dives and you'll be certified to dive to 40 feet.

With this course you will always be able to dive to a maximum of 40ft without the supervision of a professional.

Includes, Padi manual, log book, recreational dive planner, 2 dives, all gear and instruction.


If you can breath through your mouth and move your legs you can scuba dive! Take advantage of your Cancun vacation and learn this life changing sport.

Scuba Diver Course: With this course you can dive to a maximum of 40ft without the supervision of a professional.

The coral reef in the Caribbean is one of the most amazing natural formations on earth. Coral Reefs are located close to the equator in warm, shallow water because many of the biological cycles that a reef requires take advantage of the sun's energy.

The reef's basic structure is actually a mass of small organisms, called polyps. When the polyps die, they form a skeleton made of limestone.  A hard outer shell develops over this skeleton and continues to grow.

Reefs attract an incredible amount of sea life, including many different types of tropical fish, rays, turtles, shellfish and many more types of fascinating marine species.

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