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If you are looking for things to do in Cancun or how to get around in Cancun Mexico, just ask us! At MXCancun we have over 25 years of Cancun tours as well as Cancun airport transportation and point to point transfers for all your holiday and travel needs.  We offer a wealth of local information as well a wide variety of the best tours, excursions and activities in Cancun and the Riviera Maya along with fantastic prices.  Curious about the Covid-19 situation and how it might possibly affect your travel or vacation plans then you have come to right place with all the latest Cancun travel health updates.

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Cancun Vacation Tips!

Curious about Cancun weather, or what time zone it might be. Wondering about money exchange in Cancun or what how to take care animal bites, stings and marine animals incursions on your Mexico vacation? Keep reading because we are local Cancun expats with all your Cancun and Riviera Maya vacation tips!

How To Get To Isla Mujeres By Ferry

How To Get To Isla Mujeres, Mexico   Find out how to get to Isla Mujeres, Mexico, including helpful travel tips on how to save ...

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What Time is it in Cancun Mexico?

What Time is it in Cancun? Cancun is on Central Standard Time Zone. Daylight Saving Time is observed in Cancun, however the dates that we ...

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Stings, Bites and Poisoning from Dangerous Marine Animals

Jellyfish Many of Mexico's most beautiful beaches harbor the treacherous jellyfish. Twenty or more species are common in the waters around Mexico; most cause painful ...

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Jet Lag and Motion Sickness

Jet Lag Your body is regulated by light/dark cycles that trigger the rhythmic release of hormones throughout the day. When you cross multiple time zones, ...

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General Cancun Vacation and Living Tips

Cancun Tips Here are a few things that everyone should know before coming to Cancun on vacation. These tips will help you make the most ...

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Money Pesos and Exchange Rate Tip in Cancun

Mexican Pesos The official currency of Mexico used in Cancun is the MEXICAN PESO.  It is also referred as "M.N." that stands for "Moneda Nacional" ...

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